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Existence exists.

The law of identity.

Consciousness is conscious.

The law of causality.

"Primacy of existence."

"Primacy of consciousness."

Facts are not "malleable."

No alternative to a fact of reality is possible or imaginable.

Consciousness has identity.


The faculty of reason is the faculty of volition.

The unit must be appropriate to the attribute being measured.


The definitional principle is: wherever possible, an essential characteristic must be a fundamental.

Crow epistemology


Thinking, to be valid, must adhere to reality.

"Existence is Identity; Consciousness is Identification."

The law of contradiction.

Human knowledge on every level is relational.

Knowledge follows a necessary order.

Rand's Razor

The arbitrary cannot be cognitively processed.

Mind-body integration.

Life as the standard of value

A "principle" is a general truth on which other truths depend.