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Conceptual fallacies

Following are examples of conceptual fallacies identified in the Objectivist theory of concept formation.

Floating Abstraction 
Ayn Rand's term for concepts detached from existents, concepts that a person takes over from other men without knowing what specific units the concepts denote
Frozen Abstraction 
Substituting some one particular concrete for the wider abstract class to which it belongs
Invalid Concept
Assuming that things often grouped together by tradition or culture must always be grouped that way
Reification of Zero 
Regarding "nothing" as a thing, as a special, different kind of existent
Rewriting Reality 
Attempting to alter the metaphysically given
Stolen Concept 
Attempting to undermine the concept itself by attacking the hierarchial root(s) upon which it depend

Logical fallacies

Following are examples of common logical fallacies used in arguments.

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