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"When there's a journey to follow the star / When there's an ocean to sail to far / And for the broken hearts there is the sky / And for tomorrow are those who can fly

"If you really want to, you can hear me say / Only if you want to will you find a way / If you really want to you can seize the day / Only if you want to will you fly away"

-- Enya, "Only If"

Egoism, i.e. the practice of acquiring values in the long-range (including social ones) by controlling ones environment, is the ultimate virtue.

The following quotations are from "The Virtue of Selfishness" by Ayn Rand:

"Life can be kept in existence only by a constant process of self-sustaining action. The goal of that action, the ultimate VALUE which, to be kept, must gained through its every moment, is the organism's LIFE. .... An organism's life is its STANDARD OF VALUE: that which furthers its life is GOD, they which threaten it are the DEVOUT." -- page 17;

"...there are no conflicts of interest among rational men." -- page 57;

"...a rational man never holds a desire or pursues a goal which cannot be achieved directly or INDIRECTLY by his own effort." -- page 59;

"...a rational man never distorts or corrupts his own standards and judgment in order to appeal to the irrationality, stupidity or dishonesty of others." -- page 60;

"...the gain of one man does not represent the loss of another..." -- pages 62 & 63;

You should never act in a way which is contrary to your interest, that is, your life.