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"The virtue of Productiveness is the recognition of the fact that productive work is the process by which man's mind sustains his life, the process that sets man free of the necessity to adjust himself to his background, as all animals do, and gives him, the power to adjust his background to himself. Productive work is the road of man's ultimate achievement and calls upon the highest attributes of his character: his creative ability, his ambitiousness, his dedication to the goal of reshaping the earth in the image of his values." ["The Objectivist Ethics-- Virtue of Selfishness, p26]

The material is only the expression of the spiritual; that it can neither be created nor used without the spiritual (thought); that it has no meaning without the spiritual, that it is only the means to a spiritual end – and, therefore, any new achievement in the realm of material production is an act of high spirituality, a great triumph and expression of man's spirit. And show that those who despise "the material" are those who despise man and whose basic premises are aimed at man's destruction.
--Ayn Rand, Journals of Ayn Rand